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What if there is a Way to Achieve
“Magical” Increases in Strength and Speed?
Doubling the Number of Reps You Can Do…
Going from the Difficult to Easy…
Going from Impossible to Possible…
Tripling Your Speed…

These are the Results We Promised to Deliver to You
…And We Did!

Dear Fellow Strength Seeker,

Have you ever felt like you have untapped potential? That you could be stronger and faster then you currently are? That you are missing the keys to truly unlocking your superhuman potential?

Or that something inside you is sabotaging your best efforts to reach your goals…

We’re going to show you how to unlock that potential and break through all barriers with the best tools and methods we’ve uncovered. All the above is possible and we’re going to show you how.

Hi there. This is Logan. I know, you’re probably laughing at the workshop title.  But truthfully if there’s any group of people that would fit that name this group is it. You missed the workshop, but fortunately for you, every second was caught on video to bring you the complete experience.

The title is also based on one of my favorite quotes:

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is
Indistinguishable from Magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

What we’re delivered was magical, and we’ll also be showing you how and why it works so that you can take these technologies and use them over and over again to get even greater results in the long run.

We’re not giving you THE Way, but multiple paths and methods you can use, produced from our many and varied eclectic backgrounds. (Also because there is no one way.)

This was truly a unique workshop never to be repeated again. Let me introduce you to your Wizards 😉

Meet Logan Christopher
Peak Performance Mental and Energy Training Authority
Logan Christopher

Logan Christopher, the #1 Mental Trainer for Strength

In the past couple of years I’ve dived deep into the mental and energy realms to bring out secrets, unrevealed on becoming ever stronger and more fit.

I’ve been taught by 10th Degree Black Belt Doctor and Ph.D. in Sports Psychology John La Tourrette, who has been clocked by Black Belt magazine in hitting a man 16 times in one second.

The reason he was able to do that (and can teach others too) is not just because of physical training. But from understanding the mind, energies and body. My best so far is only 9 hits in one second.

I’m a certified hypnotist, a Neuro-Lingistic Practitioner, and in training on Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. All this to bring you the very best tools on achieving your training goals.

The truth is most people never hit their goals because they aren’t clear on what they are or what it takes to get them. Applying the meta-model, modeling and other techniques will help you figure that out fast.

Not to mention changing how your mind represents the difference between success and failure, or an exercise that’s easy to do or difficult to do.

Ever Have a Mental Block or Plateau that Stops You with an Exercise?
How Would You Like to Demolish that in 2 Minutes or Less?

How about understanding and using the energy that connects the upper body to the lower body. I taught my brother that drill one time and his back pain went away instantly.

Logan Bridging

Can your neck support this much weight?

Or if you’re in the martial arts, how about weakening your opponent instantly for 2 seconds, when he won’t even know what hit him. I mentioned that to Noah, Bud’s son, and he had some fun with it in his jiujutsu practice. 🙂

What I taught Chuck in one evening he said was more impactful then anything he’s learned in years. When you look at what he’s learned that’s high praise!

This is the what I’ll be teaching at this workshop. Here are some reviews of my work:

“Your mental training has really helped achieve my goals. Much stronger now than 4 weeks ago.”
– Norv Herring

“Logan Christopher preaches only about things that work and he himself practices what he preaches. He’s 100 % NO-BS. His mental training program has transformed me from inside far better than anything else I’ve tried before.
– Tomas Valverde

“I have many of Logan Christopher’s products and they have all been really helpful in my training for various things. Currently working with his hand balancing, bridging and mental training courses all of which are awesome!”
– Kris Wragg

Logan Christopher has changed my Training AND my life for good… period! It’s because of Logan that I’ve learned how to Juggle Kettlebells like a PRO, It’s because of Logan that I came to the conclusion that even if you’re NOT build for certain feats of strength, that you can STILL do them! In my own case that would be Gymnastics, Old School Bodyweight Calishtenics & the Kettlebell Balistics! And speaking of the Kettlebell Balistics, once again, it’s because of none other then Logan Christopher that I became a believer & more open-minded about what’s possible in the realm of incredible LEGENDARY strength feats! I gotta give CREDIT where credit’s due, and Logan gets at LEAST 80% of the credit from me, personally, for the 304 Snatches that I hit in the 10 Minute Snatch Test”
-Matti Marzel

“The mental training that I’ve learned from Logan in his Think And Grow Strong series helped me go from not bending at all to destroying 40D nails and well on my way to 60Ds.”
-Demond Thompson

“I really enjoy Logan’s ideas on health and vital energy, and I very much appreciate the way that he has taken seemingly arcane fitness concepts from the Golden Age of strongmen and distilled the concepts into a much more user friendly format. Not only that but he physically demonstrates how to use the knowledge in a systematic and logical fashion.”
– Jesse Smallwood, United States Army

Meet Garin Bader
Master Magician, Musician and Superhuman Strength Expert

Garin “Master Magician” Bader

Garin is a true Modern Day Renaissance Man in the fullest sense of the term. He is a master musician, martial artist, sculptor, magician and more. He’s the winner of 13 international competitions.

You’d think that some of the fields have nothing to do with building strength and becoming fit, but you’d be surprised at just how many connections there are.

I thought I knew it all…or at least had seen some of everything when it came to strength.

Yet when I watched Garin Bader I was blown away. This was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

I bought his program and studied his material. I even did one on one coaching with Garin over the phone.

We were working at applying the principle of torquing points and sound and more to an exercise I was working on, the single arm kettlebell press.

Keep in mind this was several years ago. At that time I was working on pressing a 32kg kettlebell. I could do it but it was a struggle.

Garin balancing on the fingertips of one hand – playing the piano.

After working at it, and tweaking what I was doing, coaching me through the steps as best as could be done over the phone…

The Kettlebell Launched Overhead Like it Weighed Only 10 lbs.

Possibly even more amazing, over the phone, Garin had “heard” that that time everything clicked.

What was difficult had become easy!

You’ll learn from Garin how to…

Instantly Become Stronger!

Instantly Become Faster!

And Instantly Hit Harder!

Here’s just a fraction of the results Garin and taught with his Coreforce Energy system:

“CoreForce Energy helped me double my strength in less than 1 hour. The good news is it hasn’t stopped increasing since the first session!”
Dr. Dave Woynarowski, The World’s Top Anti-Aging Specialist

“CoreForce Energy will unlock peak performance quickly and organically for ANY physical activity
Nathan Bentley, Fireman

“He showed me a few things in speed that had me with Matrix-like speed at the end. I was blown away… You got to try it out. Please try this out because you’re going to be really really pleased with the results that you get. I’m just saying, “This is frickin awesome!”
– Otto Ruebsamen,
Author and Peak Performance Coach

“I have been the strength coach for world class athletes from various sports including tennis, ju jitsu, water skiing and figure skating and I can say with complete certainty that applying the principles of CoreForce Energy will take your training for strength, power, speed and sport specific movement into an entirely new domain. CoreForce Energy is a truly unique system – that will teach you the secrets of high performance in many areas and it will remind you about our true potential as human beings.”
Karsten Jensen, Strength Coach

I Was More Than Skeptical…When it was time to test my strength on the handstand push ups, I cranked them out like it was nothing. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to do, how strong I was, and how light I felt. I was shocked at the transformation. And I was surprised that it was so simple and quick to learn.But this isn’t some parlor trick. The effects are real and lasting.”
Eddie Baran, Author of Gymnastic Abs

And this is just a fraction of rave reviews for what Garin has taught to hundreds of people.

These are some lofty claims…I know. I’d be skeptical too, and I was at first when I heard about Garin. But when you do the drills you’ll see the results they deliver. While this is Magical, it’s No Illusion!

Meet Bud Jeffries – The Veteran of Super Muscle
Bud Jeffries

Bud “Super Muscle” Jeffries

There’s strength and then there’s endurance. Almost no one has both to a high degree. But Bud isn’t your average individual.

Just look at a recent workout that showcases his incredible strength and endurance combined. A 150 lb. dumbbell snatch with each arm followed by 1000 kettlebell swings with the 53 lb. bell. This was followed by the 150 lb. dumbbell snatch with each arm again with no rest. How many people in the world can do that?

He’s an expert at giving you the technique you need to lift big, or lift longer. And he also knows how to tap into that deep part of yourself to unlock your mental toughness.

He’s been called the Modern Day Paul Anderson.

He’s one of the Top Performing Strongmen in the World, having done more shows then probably anyone, except the Grandmaster Dennis Rogers himself.

He’s lost over 120 lbs of fat while increasing his strength.

He’ll show you how to combine energy work with strength and endurance.

He’s a true innovator in the field of strength, where there so many copy cats, and he’ll show you how he’s done it all.


Can You Do a 1100 lb. Wall Sit?

Can you even hold a wall sit without additional weight for a minute without your legs shaking like leaf? Try adding over half a ton!

Here’s just a few testimonials for what Bud has taught others:

Bud defies the laws of physiology. His body could have been custom made for strength, forged from the same mold as Louis Cyr and Paul Anderson. Jeffries’ 1,000-pound squat starting from the bottom of a power rack is a strength feat legends are made of. Respect but no surprises so far. Then I watch this mountain of muscle drop into an effortless full side split, relaxed as a little gymnast girl. I have been fortunate to meet very strong men and very flexible ones—but they were never the same. Until Bud. But it is Jeffries’ endurance that is on par with bumblebee’s flight—”it is against the natural laws!” He has swung a 53-pound kettlebell for almost an hour non-stop. He has done 1,000 sprawls. He pounded—not tapped—the heavy bag for one full hour. In other words, he performed feats of conditioning which would stop any 150-pound MMA stud in his tracks.”
Pavel Tsatsouline, Author of Enter the Kettlebell and The Naked Warrior

“I bought “I Will Be Iron” and I learned how to kick my “3rd Way Cardio” into overdrive as well as many more things! Bud, you are truly a renaissance man as pertains to achieving physical greatness!
David Johnson

“I think one of the best things I’ve learned from Bud is that the cultivation of maximal strength and endurance aren’t mutually exclusive as many so called “experts” would have you believe.
Jesse Smallwood, United States Army

The information and perspective Bud brings to the material forced me to re-think how I trained and connected it to the traditions of the particular martial arts discipline I practiced. Since I stopped teaching, I let myself go a bit, but when I decided to get back into shape, I turned to Bud’s work to begin building my base and get back into the game. I’ve used lots of other systems (and usually ended up injuring myself in the process), but Bud’s material has always kept me going and getting results, with nothing more than sore muscles as the “downside.” It’s fantastic material that I keep coming back to for ideas, information, routines, and equally as importantly, inspiration.”
Glenn Sunshine, Professor at Central Connecticut State University

Meet Chuck Halbakken
Voodoo Neurologic, Pain and Body Movement Specialist
Chuck Halbakken

Chuck “Voodoo Expert” Halbakken

I first met Chuck through the RKC. We immediately hit it off and have stayed in touch over the years. Chuck went on to become a top level Z-Health trainer.

I use to joke with people and tell them about Chuck and the “Voodoo” stuff that he did.

I didn’t understand what he was doing. I didn’t see how working with one part of the body affected another part so completely to get someone out of pain or set a new PR.

You can read about some of these stories below. There is story after story about…

How Chuck Got People Magically Out of Pain or Spontaneously Stronger

You’ll read some of those below. I understand now and you will too about how you can apply these tactics and strategies for yourself.

He’s not just a trainer but a client of himself too. Chuck has cured his gout, and crippling shoulder pain from multiple high speed motorcycle wrecks as a young man.

When your map of your body is as complete as Chuck’s is, then you’ll be able to pick up new skills quickly and far outperform what you’ve done in the past.

Like ripping not one, but two decks of cards vertically in half. (Trust me if you’ve never tried that, it’s way harder that way.)


A Deck and a Half Torn Vertically Behind the Back

He’s coached the world’s top shooters. He’s coached a water polo team to the win.

But he doesn’t know much about these sports. What he’s knows is the nervous system and how the body moves.

When you understand these two things like Chuck does you can take just about anything and make it better, faster or stronger.

Here’s just a few things people have said when working with Chuck:

“I have been training with Chuck for a few months in the off-season. The training was something that I have never done before.  Chuck has helped me take my game to another level.  My explosion has increased and so has my over all strength on and off the football field, I thank Chuck for introducing me to the new way of working out.”
– Ben Brown, Pro Football Player

“I have trained with Chuck for about three years now and throughout the course of my training with him I have seen drastic improvements in multiple areas. I can sprint faster, my endurance has increased, my foot speed and quickness have improved tremendously, my eyesight has improved, my hand eye coordination is better, I am stronger, can jump higher, my overall health is improved, and my body is simply more efficient.
– Jake Remington

“I have been in extreme back pain for about three years. I have been to Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Orthopedics, and Neurologists. I have had probably every scan in existence, but nobody could tell me why I was in such terrible pain. When visiting my sister in California this year, my sister suggested I see her trainer. When I met Chuck, I asked him how he could help me when he wasn’t even a doctor. He smiled and said no he was not a doctor, and asked how what I had tried was working for me? I replied not so good, so we started our session. After about forty-five minutes he was having me walk and I noticed he was smiling, I asked why and he asked if I was in any pain? I was not in any pain for the first time in years!  I highly recommend Chuck, he is polite, professional, very skilled, and has a sense of humor.”
– CL

“Chuck has a no nonsense approach to achieving strength, endurance, flexibility. His knowledge of joint mobility is amazing. He can really see the problem with my movement and can help me correct it immediately.
Marianne Ammendolia

“Started working with Chuck about two months ago. Needed to lose weight, back bothered me, was told there was no option other than surgery…you get the picture. Guess what? After two months I have no back pain, I have lost fifteen pounds and I feel better than I have in thirty years.”
– Dennis K.

“Chuck helped me realize that the pain in my shoulder was not actually in my shoulder but a combination of old injuries, primarily from my martial arts training, that was giving me a false signal making me think that I had a shoulder injury. Chuck really understands the complexities of the human body, that and his attention to detail, is what makes him great at what he does.  I highly recommend that anyone who is in pain contact Chuck and see what a difference he can make for you! ”
– Benjamin Cooke

“I am an endurance runner who went to Chuck for help with upper back/neck pain. He quickly showed me why I was having the pain and how to get rid of it. In one short month I am now able to run pain free.

– Mike Postma

“Chuck was able to make my true strength come through. With some help of his techniques I was able to lift twice as much as I thought I could. What a genius!
– R. Williams

This Workshop was Unlike Any Other…

The attendees hit PR after PR. World records were set by most of the instructors. And better than all that was the quality of the information shared.

Here is a list of the presentations you’ll find in this one of a kind set:

  • Instant Exercise Enhancers with Logan Christopher (2 DVD’s)
  • How Your Exercises May Be Harming You and Other Secrets of the Body’s Energies by Logan Christopher (1 DVD)
  • How to Properly Do Mobility Training to Make it Work for You…Instead of Against You by Chuck Halbakken (2 DVD’s)
  • Visual Drills to Boost Athletic Performance, Coordination & Reflexes by Chuck Halbakken (1 DVD)
  • The Secrets of Light, Sound & Imagination to Become Magically Stronger, Faster and More Flexible by Garin Bader (2 DVD’s)
  • Ultimate Mind Muscle: Putting Your Training Together for Success in Everything You Do by Bud Jeffries (2 DVD’s)
  • Wizards of Strength Roundtable Question and Answers (3 DVD’s)
  • All MP3 Files so you can listen in your car, ipod, iphone or computer for more learning.

Listen to What the Attendees had to Say…

The attendees paid a hefty price to be there live, not even including flights and hotels. One man flew in all the way from the Netherlands because he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Yet you can get the DVD’s which can be watched over and over again, studied until you get every detail, for less than they paid.

This information is so exclusive and so good we’re only giving it away in DVD format. This top secret information, we don’t want to see floating around on pirate sites so we’ll be shipping you all the videos. It will cost a little bit more, but it’s worth it.

We also have a four payment plan option available for you. One payment of $129 today, with three more equal payments 30, 60 and 90 days from now.

Our 100%+ Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t think these DVD’s are worth every single penny let us know and we’ll send you a full refund. All the risk is on us.


Unfortunately, you missed this once in a lifetime workshop that will never occur again. But you do have the opportunity right now to claim the DVD’s and get this valuable training information.

If this doesn’t super-charge your training nothing will…

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. We’re serious about that guarantee. If you aren’t completely blown away by the the mental and physical training tactics and methods we deliver to you will refund every penny.

P.S.S. Remember you’re getting 14 DVD’s averaging close to an hour in length each from these four Wizards of Strength. This is info you can’t find anywhere else, and certainly not all in one place. Make sure to place your order below right now.

We also have a four payment plan option available for you. One payment of $129 today, with three more equal payments 30, 60 and 90 days from now.